Canal+ TV show

The shirt featured on the Canal+ talk show "Nulle Part Ailleurs". Someone was wearing the shirt for most of the show. Canal+ is a pay TV French Cable TV show. Most of the programs on Canal+ are encrypted (it is known as "the encrypted channel" in France). Nulle Part Ailleurs is one show on Canal+ which is not encrypted.

Nulle Part Ailleurs frame 1 Nulle Part Ailleurs frame 2 Nulle Part Ailleurs frame 3
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Nova magazine

Nova is a French magazine, this picture of the shirt appeared:

nova mag
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Wired Japanese edition

Mockup of UK shirt appeared in the Japanese edition of Wired Nov 95.

Wired US

Appeared in US WIRED magazine - they featured Joel Furrs edition of the shirts I understand, I have not seen this so if you know the issue number, or better yet, can scan any pictures from it, and send them to me, I'll add them here.

Planete Internet

Article by Jerome Thorel <> mentions the T-shirts. Jermoes pages on the sig and shirt (french text).


Infoworld had a short comment on Joel's edition of the shirts.


On-line emagazine. See:


Web based French emagazine. See:
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