Munitions T-shirt

The rsa perl t-shirts are no longer available. The only remaining related shirt I am aware of is one sold by thinkgeek, which is Vipul Prakash's perl rsa dolphin, rsa key gen and encryption in perl, pari and dc.

If you are interested in printing your own t-shirts, all of the art work that was used to create the shirts is available for download

The rest of this page is of historical value only.

Munitions T-shirt

These are the "shirt of the sig". See the export-a-crypto-system signature page for background info.

In the US this shirt was theoretically illegal to export (or even to let a foreign national see!) due to the EARS. Recent changes mean that you may need to notify the USG of intent to export.


front of UK munitions T back of UK munitions T

(Click either image for bigger image: 60k)

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