RC4-40 attempt

Outcome of 40 bit RC4 sweep - failure

The full 40 bits of key space were swept.

Here's a copy of the announce of completion, and hall of fame for contributers.

But, unfortunately nothing was found, though there a couple of reasons for this:

So maybe a failure in one sense, but still we did come up with the compute to sweep 40 bits in around 1 weeks of real time. The keys were getting swept a lot faster towards the end as more people joined in, and as the jackpot kept getting rolled over so to speak.

However, it is useful from a learning point of view, several mistakes which were made with were fixed for the SSL breaks.

Also useful from a demonstrational point of view we really did sweep that much keyspace, and if we had correct plaintext/ciphertext and there were no bugs in the program (only affected Alpha's we think - possibly other BSD, and only if -v option was used) we would really have done it.

So we demonstrated that compute to break 40 bit RC4 is easily available. 

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